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Wallace Herndon Smith

April 17, 2024

Studies in Architecture:
Works by Wallace Herndon Smith & Paul Young

On view at The Sheldon

Studies in Architecture: Works by Wallace Herndon Smith & Paul Young honors Wallace Herndon Smith and his admiration for architecture. Smith (1901-1990) is well known for his extensive career as an artist. Prior to his long life of painting, Smith studied architecture at both Princeton University and Washington University in St. Louis. He also spent a year studying in Paris.
Upon returning to St. Louis, Smith worked with Louis La Beaume’s architecture firm for five years, developing plans for several St. Louis houses until the late 1920s. As Smith transitioned from studying architecture to concentrate exclusively on painting, he was still drawn to the buildings around him. This exhibition spans years of Smith’s depictions of the structures he observed, as well as historic ruins in both the United States and Europe.
Also featured with Smith is contemporary sculptor, Paul Young. Young focuses on architecture, but through a different lens by examining the deterioration of old buildings. Young has spent years exploring St. Louis and the region’s back roads looking for old, abandoned buildings to reproduce in miniature. Working from photos, Young creates scaled models with hyper-realistic details of exterior and interior details.
Each artist renders everyday structures as monuments to human activity and purpose. Pairing them together opens different avenues to examining contrasts such as beauty and decay and the past and the present, and offers deep looks inside living spaces, as well as studies of facades.
If you enjoyed The Sheldon's recent exhibition Studies in Architecture: Works by Wallace Herndon Smith & Paul Young you won't want to miss our featured work of the week.
Wallace Herndon Smith (American, 1901-1990)
Floral Still Life with Bowl of Fruit
Oil on Panel
28 x 20 inches
Signed Upper Right
Available for Purchase
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